Counter-insurgency Warfare - As the GWOT is our war, counter-insurgency (COIN) is our style of warfare. This is our section to discuss this new (or old) style of warfare. Insurgency, guerilla warfare, asymmetrical warfare, fourth generation war (4GW); these terms all approximate the same thing: war is about people, politics and ideology.

Military Affairs - For all things Military that are not counter-insurgency, like culture issues and what we would like to see changed.

Foreign Affairs - Our opinions on Foreign Affairs from around the world.

Art and Violence - Art reflects like a mirror, illuminates like a lantern, reveals inner truth like a Rorschark test. If Art has any enduring themes, they are love and violence. We will examine the latter.

Personal Experience - This section will tell the stories of our own, subjective experiences with Violence abroad and at home.

Philosophy of Violence - To understand Violence, the specifics of our world are not enough. We will use ethics and philosophy to understand Violence.

On V in Other Places - Read our work outside of On Violence.

Miscellaneous - For all of our posts that do not fit into the above five categories.