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Feel free to email us with general comments and questions at info (at) onviolence (dot) com.

Guest Post Guidelines

We know that only through dialogue and discussion can we fully understand on this topic, therefore On Violence welcomes guest posts. Eligible topics include military or foreign affairs, the global war on terror, counter-insurgency, or violence in general. We are particularly interested in our reader's personal experiences with Violence.

Please follow the guidelines below, and email submissions to info (at) onviolence (dot) com.

1. Keeps posts to 400-800 words in length.

2. Stay focused. The best articles are clear, concise and usually focused around one point, topic, or event. In barely a pages’ worth of writing, you don’t have a lot of time for development. (And please, no ranting)

3. Please write posts related to On Violence's core subject of your understanding of Violence, military or foreign affairs, the global war on terror or counter-insurgency.

4. We have found really insightful articles tend to describe personal experiences with violence or injustice.

5. Please make it non-partisan and non-jingoistic.

6. Keep it respectful, polite and approriate. We will not post articles insulting to other nations, races or religions.

7. On Violence will edit the article at least once. We will send these changes or proposed changes back to you. We edit every article to make sure it fits our style.

8. If you submit a guest post, we will request that you publicize it in some way, either linking it to your blog or organization’s website, tweeting it, or inviting friends to our facebook page. We will, of course, link back to your own personal blog, publication, twitter account, or facebook page in the post, if you would like. We do NOT link to businesses or corporations.

9. All submissions must be original material, previously unpublished, and exclusive to On Violence.

10. Of course, we reserve the right to reject articles we feel don’t fit our style.