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Our Communist Milblogs Round 2: Blackfive’s Deebow Hates Team Rubicon?

(To read the entire "Our Communist Military" series, please click here.

And as we now have to clarify in each one of these posts, we don’t actually think that the military is “communist”. That’s a rhetorical stand-in for socialist, liberal, progressive, what have you.)

Yesterday I wrote about how Reagan “hated” our communist military, sarcastically inferring this from the fact that he hated the government. (The military, it turns out, is a part of that government.)

Weeks ago while I was writing yesterday’s post, “superstorm” Sandy happened. (For the record, I hate writing “superstorm” instead of “hurricane”. Let’s just call it a hurricane. Or “storm”.) In probably the most perfect summation of conservative love of the military, we often quote this joint anti-DADT statement by a number of milbloggers, which includes the line, “No other organization has...rescued more people from natural disasters”. Sandy proved that statement right again.

Then I read BlackFive contributor Deebow’s argument against Obama’s reelection:

“Just ask the citizens of New York and New Jersey how more government is working out on getting them back up and running after Sandy (and based upon this, I can't wait for government run health care).”

Apparently, the military isn’t very good at responding to natural disasters as conservative milbloggers--including four writers at Blackfive--had claimed. According to this quote, the response to hurricane Sandy was a disaster.

Wait, did anyone else help out in response to hurricane Sandy?

Oh yeah, veterans groups and local national guard units, which I know, because those links come from BlackFive.

By writing, “Just ask the citizens of New York and New Jersey how more government is working out on getting them back up and running after Sandy”, Deebow called the National Guard, reserves and veterans groups, like Operation Rubicon, incompetent.

Deebow could argue that it was all the non-government people who kept the situation from falling apart. But isn’t the National Guard still a part of the government?

And what about Team Rubicon, a group of veterans who ply their skills in disaster areas? If Team Rubicon was an example of the private sector out-performing the public sector, that begs the question: when, after leaving the government, er, military do veterans become competent?

Of course, Deebow doesn’t actually think the military is a failure. He just hates President Obama and grasped for the most recent example of (perceived) government incompetence he could find. (The highlight of the post where we found this quote is, “In this election, I don't think it is over dramatic to say that never before has America faced such a stark choice of moving toward the light of freedom, or turning toward 1,000 years of darkness...” Nope, that was over dramatic.)

Did he take the time to consider that the military--or veterans, or local National Guards--had responded to Sandy as well? No. But he (unintentionally) called them out as failures anyway, even though the National Guard and veteran’s groups performed exceptionally well in the disaster.

(And oh by the way, it turns out--despite Deebow’s assertions to the contrary--the American system, both public and private, is surprisingly effective at responding to disasters. Listen to the NPR’s Planet Money to get a taste of why.)

two comments

It amazes me sometimes the lack of self awareness from “small govt” conservatives who are in the military, the largest government organization that has ever existed. I try to get my conservative vet buddies to understand that they are federal employees as well, usually without great effect. I wonder if they would be in favor of the pay freeze for federal employees if it effected them? Somehow I dont think they would.


A small correction. From the tone of your comment, I assume you are talking about the US military. The Russian Red Army at various stages of its existance was a bigger gov organization. The current Red Chinese military is larger I believe than ours. And on how you count reserve forces, there are several militaries that are vastly larger than ours.

If you were to count military forces as a of population enrolled that vastly exceeds ours. Sparta might be one. All males, excepting slaves I think, were in. Then there were the societies that were so tightly controlled, every single person could have been viewsd as being a gov employee. I read the Inca Empire could be looked at like that, maybe Khmer Rouge Cambodia too.

Finally. the British National Health Service employs about the same number as the active duty military strength of the US. The US military will get smaller in the near future and the National Health Service won’t and Great Britian’s population is about 1/6 thet of the US.