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Our 50th Post! On V's Top Ten Posts!

To celebrate our 50th post, Michael and I are posting the top ten -- or so -- posts we think represent the very best of On Violence. We’ve come a long way in a little over three months -- last week was our biggest yet -- and we wanted to both celebrate and give a quick run down of the best of On V.

We want to thank everyone who has read our posts, and especially those of you who have tweeted, shared, linked to, or commented on them. Special thanks goes out to long time readers Matty P (who will be guest posting next Thursday) and Will, who have been commenting, reading, and giving us feedback the whole way. Also, especially big thanks go to our web designer Jeff, whose design work has been invaluable.

We don’t like to do self promotion in the articles, but since this is an anniversary, if you would like to follow us on twitter, RSS feed, or facebook, please click on the links in the sidebar. If you'd like, please share any On V articles with your friends.

So without further ado, the Top Ten On V Posts (chosen unscientifically and arranged chronologically):

1. Defining Violence - Our first real post, and a definition of Violence. At its core, this is a philosophy website, but one about a real world issue.

2. 9/11 Blame Game - On Violence is non-partisan because foreign affairs should be non-partisan (though often isn't). The 9/11 Blame Game, one of our earliest posts, perfectly illustrates our feelings on this. (Also read Part 2 and Part 3)

3. Why Blackwater? and Machievelli and Blackwater -  Our first two articles to receive attention and comments. In the future, we will write more on the complex, and often hazardous, relationship between the military and private security contractors. (See also The REAL Problem with Non-military Contractors.)

4. Executioner’s Song - When On V disagrees - Song Battle Parts 1 and 2 - Our most popular art post yet. If you have any recommendations for good songs about war for the next song battle, please include them in the comments.

5. Why Do I Fight? and Were You Scared? - These two essays about Michael’s personal experiences in Afghanistan hit a chord with our readership.

6. Language Skill vs. Fighting Skill - Fighting counter-insurgency in the Global War on Terror will require more than strength and weapons, the thesis of this article.

7. Operation Judgement Day - An article about poorly planned, executed, and led counter-insurgency mission in Iraq. It also describes how far the Army must go to truly understand counter-insurgency. (Recommended by loyal commenters and readers Matty P and Will)

8. No Villains and The Best Kind of Propaganda - These two articles on John Steinbeck’s The Moon is Down describe the unexpected appeal of good propaganda (which is not an oxymoron).

9. 5 Tips for Better IO - The first, but not the last, article with tips for small unit leaders in the US Army and Marine Corp. Also recommended by Will.

10. War as the Opposite of Civilization - One of Matty P’s favorite art articles, this is Eric C’s thesis on war (as written by Ursula K Leguin).

If you have a favorite On V article, we would love to hear it in the comments. And again, thanks!

One comment

Truly, ‘War as the Opposite of Civilization’ is one of my favorites because I feel it characterizes war in all its forms so perfectly. Warfare as an act is destructive and the direct antithesis of civilization. Perfect definition.