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On Violence's 400th Post

Five times before this--on our 50th, 100th, 1 Year, 200th, and 300th anniversaries--On Violence took time to look back at our best posts. In honor of our 400th post, we present another fantastic link drop.

Before we come at you fast and furious, we want to thank all our readers and supporters, especially Michael C’s young wife who doesn’t get nearly enough credit on this blog for her sacrifices. (Mainly having to listen to us edit posts together.) We also want to thank Ammo.net which has started sponsoring the site, as you’ve probably seen on the side bar. Check them out.

The big trend in our last 100 posts was the big, ongoing series. First up, we had “Intelligence is Evidence”, probably our most academic series to date. Check out the Introduction to see how terrorism in Iraq relates to arson investigations in Texas and to Devil’s Advocates in the Vatican.

Then we addressed a philosophical issue close to our hearts, asking the question, “Will Humans Ever Stop Fighting Wars?” Thanks to all those who provided answers and contributions.

In July, we anointed our first, “On V’s Most Intriguing Event of the Last Six Months” to make room for the Greg Mortenson/Central Asia Institute fiasco. (We followed up a few weeks back on this by comparing Greg Mortenson’s spending to the waste in U.S. national security.)

Our last series, which is by no means over, was “Why I Got Out” by Michael C, in an ongoing quest to explain himself--whether he needs to or not.

The winner for best title in the last 100 posts must be Eric C’s immensely clever, “Exit Through the Graft Shop” part of a week on the Oscar films, particularly the documentary Restrepo.

One of Michael C’s favorite posts is his contribution to the continuing “War is War” series, “War is War is Heinlein”. Be on the look out for a sequel to this next month. Second to that has to be a rare time-warp guest post from Michael C in 2040, “The On V Archives from 2040”.

Our best use of a picture was probably “One of the Inevitable Casualties” showing an emotionally stirring (possibly cliched) picture of one of the puppies who didn’t make it through a deployment.

Eric C also continued his analysis of war memoirs. Despite loathing memoirs as a genre, he ended up loving a few: War, Kaboom and Dispatches. Eric C also asked, “Why Do War Memoirs Rock So Hard?” and “Why Is War So Damn Funny?

His art posts also tackled themes of war and the military from works as far afield as The Butter Battle Book in ”The Zook Lobby and American Foreign Policy“ to A Few Good Men in “We Can't Handle The Truth”.

Finally, Matty P continues his great regular guest posting by asking this poignant question, “What Does a Terrorist Look Like?

The biggest event of the last 100 posts was our wildly successful and eminently controversial, “I Didn’t Deserve My Combat Pay” published in The Washington Post’s opinion section and picked up by Stars and Stripes and The Small Wars Journal among other publications. It was controversial--though we haven’t met anyone who disagreed with my final three recommendations--and we responded a week later. (Stars and Stripes probably had the most entertaining comments section, but SWJ was right behind.)

One final note: with Michael C out of the military, we plan to have a very public next 100 posts. Hopefully by the time we reach 500 posts, On Violence will have had many more guest posts and some exciting new things to write about. We also plan to move to a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule, with guest posts on Tuesdays.

Stay tuned, and as always please “tweet”, “plus” or “like” this post to spread the On Violence word.

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Well done guys. Always a thought provoking read over here.