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Sample Good News Story

Yesterday, when I criticized the US Army’s conduct of Information Operations, I left out one crucial point: even our best, most culturally sensitive Information Operations ignore the reality on the ground. Below is an actual Good News Story I wrote in Afghanistan:

Local Afghans Fighting For Afghanistan
Chowkay District- On May 11th 2008, local Afghans reported the location of a suspected IED to Afghan National Security Forces. Within minutes, the Afghan National Army moved to the area and secured the site to protect local Afghans. Soon, the Afghan National Army and Coalition Forces detonated the suspected IED and declared the road safe for the people of Chowkay.

The Government of Afghanistan highly encourages all Afghans to report Taliban activity as these braves citizens did. Afghans in Chowkay are using the Small Rewards Program honorably protect their district and homes.

The Government of Afghanistan and Coalition Forces will pay Afghans who can provide intelligence, parts or the locations of IEDs and IED makers. The Small Rewards Program also pays citizens who turn in weaponry such as AK-47s and RPGs or the location of Taliban weapon caches.

The tide continues to turn against the Taliban and other anti-Afghanistan Forces. Local citizens like the ones who reported the IEDs know that the Taliban continues to lose power in Konar Province. The Afghan National Army can react quickly to threats and they are planning future operations to dominate all of Konar Province by ground or air. With these continued capabilities, the Afghanistan National Army continues to prove they are “Destined for Vectory!” [sic]

While I never lie, I definitely give too much credit to the Afghanistan National Army and local Afghans. I also virtually ignore Destined Company’s role in the discovery and detonation of the IED. In reality, without the US Army, that IED would have killed Afghani soldiers.

One comment

I just wanted to write in response to what matty p wrote last week, that this example of propaganda, though very positive, just sounds false. this is bad publicity.