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Shout Out to Ed Darack and a First Look at Lone Survivor!

We have a quick post today with some links and a shout out to an On Violence favorite.

First up, we discussed a lot of Martin Luther King Jr. misquotes in our intro to Monday’s “Quotes Behaving Badly”. We couldn’t fit this in tonally, but Martin Luther King Jr. did say all this; it is always worth another listen.

On to Lone Survivor. Thomas Rick’s dove into the Lone Survivor debacle with a post on the Ed Darack's Victory Point. Check it out. Or...

Check out this article, “Operation Red Wings” by Ed Darack in the Marine Corps Gazette, where Darack lays out the facts about Operation Red Wings and Operation Whalers. Or buy a copy of Victory Point. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. (Review pending.)

Another interesting wrinkle to the Lone Survivor saga. It isn’t Luttrell’s fault, but a citizen who featured prominently in Lone Survivor mis-represented his Special Forces credentials. Also should be noted, this is why we shouldn’t fetish-ize the Special Forces.

Finally, in really exciting news, Army of Dude and VAntage Points blogger Alex Horton sent us this pic from the set of the Lone Survivor movie.

Wow. That looks over-the-top.

three comments

Man, that movie looks good. I hope Neal Patrick Harris is in it.

Hmmmm… Lone Starship Troopers Survivor?

The Taliban as voracious insectoid aliens? I just might have to go see this sure-fire classic of war cinema…

On a more serious note, I would suggest it’s more the door-kicking, beard growing, MW: Black Ops image of SOF in general that’s captured the public imagination, rather than Army SF specifically.