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On Violence’s 300th Post: Best of On V Link-drop

We’ve come to our 300th post. To think we’ve posted 300 times--more than that if you count On V in Other Places and other types of shout outs--boggles the mind.

So, as we’ve done four times before, (on our 50th, 100th, 1 year and 200th posts, check the sidebar for links) we’re doing a “Best of On V” link-drop. Without further ado, a few of our favorite posts from the last 100 (chosen unscientifically and arranged topically):

The “War is war” series has easily been our most debated and popular new topic since our 200th post. In that series, “War is War is Clausewitz” and “We Are Holier Than Thou” made the biggest splashes and garnered the most comments.

Our funniest post was “Haters Want to Hate or...If You Haven’t Been to Afghanistan Then F*** You Hippy and Get Off My Internets!”, though the comments section went off the rails. We followed this up with “The ‘Have You Been There?’ Argument”.

When Michael C returned from his deployment to Iraq, he wrote, “An Intelligence Perspective on Iraq, Part 1” and “Part 2”. It is probably our best, and scariest, piece of writing on that unfortunate war zone. In “Back From Iraq: What I Learned", Michael C sums up a few other lessons learned.

Matty P held it down with “Guest Post: Rambo 4 and the Karen” and “Not Every Firefighter a Hero".

Not unpredictably, the military continues to be extraordinarily wasteful, so Michael C described his personal experience with waste in “Virginia is for Lovers (But It’s Not, It’s For Bloated, Unneeded Bureaucratic Pentagon Homes for Generals)”, “Military Waste: An Anecdote” and “The Tale of the Camelbak and the Soldier

We also corrected the record in “What You Should(n't) Be Afraid Of", “The Return of...Quotes Behaving Badly” and “Afghanistan is NOT the Graveyard of Empires”.

Michael C’s posts on his personal experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to be fan favorites. Highlights include, “How to Win an American Heart and Mind”, Checking Out of Afghanistan and Into Hotel California”, “On Not Shooting Back”, and “Dreams of a Banyan Tree”.

One of the biggest treats of writing for On Violence (especially for Eric C) is discovering great works of art. We’ve discovered five in the last 100 posts, including Vaughn and Henrichon's Pride of Baghdad (Guest post review by Matty P), Matthew Eck's The Farther Shore, David Benioff’s City of Thieves, Operation In Their Boots and Brian Turner’s Here, Bullet. Check out the reviews.

Eric C started the “War at its Worst” series, and people loved debating “My War and Falaise”.

And our most interesting event of 2010 was Wikileaks, and we covered it for a full week.

Finally, perhaps the coolest development of the last year was getting our work published in outside sources, including “Where Did God Go in Afghanistan?” at the New York Times “At War” blog, “Iraq, the Unraveling: Here's a nasty killer most Americans know nothing about” at fp.com’s and Thomas Rick's "The Best Defense" blog, “War Destroys” at the Los Angeles Times "Blowback" feature, and an article, “Influencing the Population: Using Interpreters, Conducting KLEs, and Executing IO in Afghanistan” in the May-August 2010 Infantry Magazine.

We don’t like to do self promotion in the articles, but since this is an anniversary, if you would like to follow us on twitter, RSS feed, or facebook, please click on the links in the sidebar. Please share any On V articles with your friends.

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