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On V in Other Places: Two Guest Posts

Quick heads up:

Eric C just had two guest posts published this week. The first is over at Unique Blog titled, "Bad News: The Gatekeepers Still Exist." Eric C likes this post, it's an analysis of new media vs. old media.

Eric C also had a guest post published on MaxBlogger. It's kind of conceited, and Eric promises it isn't his fault.

Check them out.

four comments

How did you discover these blogs on blogging? I’m looking for blogs like these to guest post on. I’ve only focused on the ones that you can’t miss.

Well, i found blogussion, and its sister site unique blog, through guest posts on Problogger and Daily Blog Tips. Safe to say they were one of two blogs I ever went to based on a guest post, because they were that good.

On maxblogger, they reached out to me after a Daily Blog Tips guest post.

Is your blog really over?

No. It was a spoof on April fools, except we did it on April 5th. I suppose you didn’t watch the video :)

Cheers then.